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About Our Business

We do it better!

Founded in 2022, Big Nuts and Studs is the premier family-owned parts providers companies in the United States. The guiding force in all that we do is our commitment to providing hands-on reliable customer service and quality metal components for a broad range of industries including Agricultural Equipment, Material Handling, Construction Equipment, Renewable Energy & more.

AT BNAS, you will find a team of experienced manufacturing professionals ready to provide value-added services including integrated project management, new product development, engineering collaboration, fabricating, welding and finishing. With facilities strategically located in or near major manufacturing hubs, our capabilities are diverse. We have the machinery and the expertise to provide highly integrated, comprehensive manufacturing solutions.

After more than 100 years of service, we are grateful to our customers who helped us get here. That gratitude is reflected in the work we do and it’s what drives us forward each day. We are proud of who we are and excited to share our future. We invite you to continue exploring our website or reach out to us directly. 

Our Quality Standards

Leading the Way

By choosing Big Nuts n Studs, you cut out the middle man and get the products you need right when you need them. As a Oils, Fuels and parts Supplier, we quickly deliver top quality products at competitive prices. Providing the best possible customer service is among our top priorities here at Big Nuts n Studs. Reach out to start ordering from us today.

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